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My name is Rick. 

 This blog came from my love of travel and experiences in trying to travel for as cheap as possible. 

   I enlisted in the U.S. Air Force at 18 and my love for travel never went away. Whether I was experiencing kababs on the street corners of Kuwait or having tea with soldiers in Turkey, I knew I wanted to travel and experience everything I could.  

  I’m a father, a sports fan, and I love to travel. But let’s face it, every dollar counts. You want to be able to travel for less. You want to be able to travel for free? Well, I am here to tell you, it can be done.  I consider myself in the minor leagues still compared to many others, but I am traveling for free almost whenever I want currently. I started out small by enrolling myself in airline and hotel programs to earn points. I now am earning hotel and airline status that gets me upgrades and VIP treatment. 

   I was and still am always looking for ways to save money because when you do pay for travel you want to be saving money doing it.  In just the last few years I have graduated into Credit card spending and bonuses. It’s not for all of us and we can’t all go at the rate of the expert spenders out there. However, it is possible with good to great credit and some research you can earn hundreds of thousands of points for free. Earn thousands more just by spending money you already spend.  

  I created this blog to try and share my ideas, secrets, and money saving tips with you. I want to share my adventures with you to get you thinking, "How can I do that"?  If I see an outstanding deal, I will post it. I will post my adventures as I travel and try and continue this travel adventure. As always, I am willing to share my thoughts or even help someone plan travel.   

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